Sentimentals and Anna Egge in Mediasound 2016

This release is quite unique, made in incredibly short time.

The press and the audience have recieved this wonderful record well.

Aksglæde in Mediasound 2016

The story of Aksglede is to the extent a success story

Gaffa has gone crazy and they are played on P4 and lots of concerts

Kiss the Dirt in Mediasound

Kiss the Dirt has just completed an EP

Søren Lee trio in Mediasound

The fantastic guitarist Søren Lee has been by Mediasound with his cool trio making a new album.

Waiting for the reception

The Victim California on DR P 4

Congratulations to The Victim with radioplay and lots of concerts

Peter Brander Town & Country

Long awaited album by Peter Brander

Azurit in Mediasound

Azurit, B-Joe, Jesper Irn and Sune Martini just made basic tracks for a complete CD, 15 pieces in 16 hours. It was a pleasure and super fat fat it too

Henning Olsen is working on a nice melodic album

Henning Olsen is working on a mix of a nice play and sung album strongly inspired by the Beatles.

We have just finished album with Zilla and Tomas

It is soon possible to acquire this excellent album.

Congratulations to Murduck´s new album Orange Flavour

Murduck is real good danish nurock band with great charisma and great songs out on Airborne Records here in marts

Produced by Peter & Anders at Mediasound,recording,mix ,mastering also here at Mediasound