Andreas Bo

The well-known comedian and also talented singer Andreas Bo, has recorded and mastered a super album here.

Jeff Brown 23 years

Jeff Brown, Singer in The Sweet for 23 years, has made a super solo album.

Recorded in Germany with German musicians and then mixed and with additional recording here in Mediasound.

The Sniffercats (Norway )

Sniffercat’s style is rockabilly and they are so cool.

We have made their first album and they visit Mediasoundi September 2017 to make another album

Alle Gode Ting (Norway)

“Alle gode ting” from Norway have made 3 CDs over the last couple of years.

Newmastering /B studio

We opened a new master suite in October 2016 which is cheaper than you think and adds new dimensions to your mix…

Drum booth upshining

We have just been givin our drum booth an upshining.

Sounds better than ever.

Many, many others have visited Mediasound this time ...

King Carrot Bedtime stories in 180 BPM.album

Staided from Fyn, fantastic young band new cd release soon.

Necrosis new great album

Lars Enggaard EP is also on the way

Søren Bendtzen; Sammy Gomez -Gunslevholm efterskole-Troels Skovgaard – and many more

Henning Olsen New as Now

Henning Olsen’s beautiful melodic album has just been released

Sentimentals and Anna Egge in Mediasound 2016

This release is quite unique, made in incredibly short time.

The press and the audience have recieved this wonderful record well.

Aksglæde in Mediasound 2016

The story of Aksglede is to the extent a success story

Gaffa has gone crazy and they are played on P4 and lots of concerts